Painted Feather Goats

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Some Seniors Offered For Sale

More kids due October 2022

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Painted Feather YD Ying Yue

ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Doe

PF9 M33

Born 7/26/20

Tan, Blue eyes

Sire:  Painted Feather Yingjyn Daba *B

Dam:  Painted Feather December Snow

0 Freshenings


Offered for sale as a pet, no papers, $250

Planted Pines Nutmeg

LA 2022 +VVG 78

ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Doe


Born 2/8/19

Chocolate brown, Brown eyes

Sire:  Little Tots Estate Pandaceae

Dam:  Planted Pines Zoodles

LA 2020 VVVE 89

3 Freshenings


Offered for Sale $450

Camaraderie Farm Smooth Cider

LA 2022 G+VF 71

ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Doe


Born 12/12/18

Red roan buckskin with white, Blue eyes

Sire:  Goldilocks Kid HR Hunter *B

Dam:  Camaraderie Farm 501 Nutmeg

1 Freshening


Offered for sale as a pet, no papers, $250

Painted Feather Bao Shanyang

LA 2020 AVEA 80

LA 2022 VVEG 82

ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Doe

PF9 K25

Born 1/21/17

Buckskin, Brown eyes

Sire:  Old Mountain Farm Paladin *B

Dam:  Painted Feather MN Mei Mei 1*M

3 Freshenings


Offered for Sale - $450

Painted Feather MV Doc Holiday

ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Buck

PF9 K31

Born 10/21/18

Buckskin, Brown eyes, Polled

Sire:  Painted Feather MN Maverick

Dam:  Little Tots Estate Reginae

LA 2019 EEEV 89

Jr Champion


Offered for sale $350