Painted Feather Goats

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All kids are disbudded.  All does/doelings are sold registered or with registration applications, prices start at $400.  Bucks/bucklings start at $300.  Some buckling are sold as pets - $100 for brown eyes and $125 for blue eyes.

 See the new kids available on the ND New Kids page
More coming in February 2019

Painted Feather DG Dragonfly

ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Doeling

PF9 K33

Born 11/4/18


Blue eyes

Sire:  Antiquity DR Dragon

Dam:  Painted Feather MN Maggie Mae


For Sale $450

Painted Feather MV Xiao Dian

ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Doeling

PF9 K25

Born 10/13/18

Tan buckskin with white, moonshots

Brown eyes

Sire:  Painted Feather MN Maverick

Dam:  Painted Feather Bar Shanyang


For Sale $500

Painted Feather Liza Mae

MDGA F4 Mini Mancha Doe

% LaMancha/% Nigerian

Born 3/3/16

Blue eyes, Gopher ears

Sire: GoGo’s Splash me Charming F3

Dam:  Desert Winds Delinda F4

For Sale $350

Bred to Danny F4 11/26/18

(Not confirmed)