Painted Feather Goats

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All kids are disbudded.  All does/doelings are sold registered or with registration applications, prices start at $400.  Registed or registration applications bucks/bucklings start at $300.
Some buckling are sold as pets - $100 for brown eyes and $125 for blue eyes.

Sales Policy

Babies are arriving!  See the ND New Kids page for what is available!

ADGA ND Doeling

PF9 L22

Born 10/8/19

Brown eyes, possibly polled

Sire:  Farm Oldesouth Outer Limits

LA 2019 +V+ 87

Dam:  Little Tots Estates Reginae

LA 2019 EEEV 89

Jr Champion Doe



Painted Feather RS Black Cheri

PF9 L15

Born 3/1/19

Black  & White, Brown eyes

Sire:  Tanya's Dream NB Russellstover *B

Dam:  Painted Feather RM Xmas Holly


Offered for sale without papers for $300

Painted Feather MN Marbles

PF9 J41

Born 12/30/17

Brown eyes

Sire:  Little Tots Estate Magnoliae *B

Res Champion Buck

Dam:  Painted Feather Gypsy Rose Lee

2x Res Champion Jr Doe

One Freshening

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