Painted Feather Goats

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All kids are disbudded.  All does/doelings are sold registered or with registration applications, prices start at $400.  Bucks/bucklings start at $300.  Some buckling are sold as pets - $100 for brown eyes and $125 for blue eyes.

 See the new kids available on the ND New Kids page
More coming in February 2019

Painted Feather Liza Mae

MDGA F4 Mini Mancha Doe

% LaMancha/% Nigerian

Born 3/3/16

Blue eyes, Gopher ears

Sire: GoGo’s Splash me Charming F3

Dam:  Desert Winds Delinda F4

For Sale $350

Bred to Danny F4 11/26/18

(Not confirmed)

Painted Feather MV Wyatt Earp

PF9 K26

Born 10/14/18

Dark buckskin and white,  Blue eyes

Sire:  Painted Feather MN Maverick

Dam:  Gotta B Kid N Carmelita


For Sale $350

Painted Feather MV Aurea

ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Doeling

PF9 K27

Born 10/20/18

Chocolate Brown, Blue eyes

Sire:  Painted Feather MN Maverick

Dam:  Little Tots Estate Nova

2x Jr Champion


For Sale $500

Painted Feather ?

ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Doeling

PF9 K37

Born 12/8/18

Gold, Blue eyes, Moonspots

Sire:  Painted Feather Yingiun Daba *B (to be confirmed)

Dam:  Painted Feather Gypsy Rose Lee

2X Reserve Junior Champion

Planned Pedigree

For Sale $550