Painted Feather Goats

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All our kids for the season are sold!  More kids will be coming in the fall 2018.

All kids are disbudded.  All does/doelings are sold registered or with registration applications, prices start at $400.  Bucks/bucklings start at $300.  Some buckling are sold as pets - $100 for brown eyes and $125 for blue eyes.

See what we have listed on the ND Jr Does and ND Sr Does pages
and the Mini Mancha page.

Double Durango JB Tango

Sr Doe

Born 3/8/14

Brown eyes

Sire: Rosasharn RS Jitterbug Jack

Dam: Double Durango Sophie

Two Freshenings

Pedigree click to view

Kidded 9/14/18

For Sale $400 in milk

Painted Feather Pepsi Cola

F2 Mini-LaMancha Doe

50% LaMancha/ 50% Nigerian

Born 3/8/15

Brown eyes, gopher ears

Sire: Desert Winds Danny F4

Dam: Painted Feather Cola F1

For Sale $250

Painted Feather Liza Mae

F4 Mini Mancha Doe

% LaMancha/% Nigerian

Born 3/3/16

Blue eyes, Gopher ears

Sire: GoGo’s Splash me Charming F3

Dam:  Desert Winds Delinda F4

For Sale $350