Painted Feather Goats

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Mini LaMancha Kidding Schedule
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Breeding dates and due dates

Painted Feather Cola F1

Desertwinds Danny F4

Kidded 9/23/18

F2 Twins, one doeling, one buckling

Both Cou Clair,

Doe has blue eyes $250

Buck has brown eyes, $150

Desertwinds Delinda F4

The Chilly MacBilly

Kidded 9/20/18

F1 Single Buckling

Cou Clair, Brown Eyes, Elf Ears


GoGo's Splash Me Charming F3
Virtual Show Grand Champion

Painted Feather Kahlua Colada F1

Virtual Show Grand Champion

Kidded 11/7/18

F2 Single Doeling

Black & white, Gopher Ears,

Blue eyes