Painted Feather Goats

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Painted Feather Nigerian Dwarf Bucks

Farm Oldesouth Outer Limits

Born 4/15/18

Brown eyes

Sire:  Farm Oldesouth BBS Limitless *B

Dam:  Buttin'Heads Maguna Carta 3*M

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Tanya's Dream NB Russell Stover

Born 11/27/17

Brown eyes

Sire:  CH Rosasharn BB Nutty Buddy *B

Dam:  Tanya’s Dream RM Clementine

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Antiquity DR Dragon

Born 3/26/17

Brown eyes

Sire:  Dreahook RS Rocket Snapddragon

Dam:  SG Antiquity Dubai 2*M AR

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Painted Feather Yingiun Daba *B

Born 1/21/17

Blue eyes, Moonspots

Sire:  Old Mountain Farm Paladin *B

Dam:  Painted Feather MN Mei Mei 1*M

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Little Tots Estate Trail Blazer

Born 3/24/15

Blue eyes, Moonspots

Sire:  Little Tots Estate Stevia

Dam: Little Tots Estate Tilia 1*M

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Viking’s FB Bobby Bouchette

Born 2/25/11

Blue eyes

Sire:  TX Twincreeks SEM Flashback *B

Dam:  Viking’s Little Girl

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