Painted Feather Goats

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Reference Bucks

Painted Feather Yingiun Daba *B

LA 2019 +VV 84

Born 1/21/17

Brown Buckskin

Blue eyes, Moonspots

Sire:  Old Mountain Farm Paladin *B

Dam:  Painted Feather MN Mei Mei 1*M


Old Mountain Farm Paladin *B

Born 10/5/08

Brown eyes, Moonspots

ETA -57 -93 05-06 85 +VV

Sire:  Buttin’ Heads Palmony

Dam:  AGS Old Mountain Farm Ballerina

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Little Tots Estate Magnoliae *B

Born 4/23/11

Blue eyes, Moonspots

Sire:  MCH Woodhaven Farms Luzifer Blue +B

Dam: Rosasharn TL Ukuele


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Painted Feather MN Maverick

Born 11/26/17

Blue eyes

Sire:  Little Tots Estate Magnoliae *B

Res Champion Buck

Dam:  Little Tots Estate Lilaceae

Jr Doe Grand Champion

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The Chilly MacBilly

Born 9/13/15

Blue eyes

Sire:  Little Tots Estate Sambucus

Dam:  Gypsy Moon November Snow

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Owned by Alexis King-Glandon

Little Tots Estate Trail Blazer

LA 2019 VVE 88

Born 3/24/15

Black & tan with white

Blue eyes, Moonspots

Sire:  Little Tots Estate Stevia

Dam: Little Tots Estate Tilia 1*M


GoGo’s Splash me Charming

F3 Mini-LaMancha Buck

Champion Buck

MDGA Virtual Show

55% LaMancha/45% Nigerian

Born 3/2/15

Blue eyes, gopher ears

Sire:  GoGo’s Mosaic Splash me Happy

Dam:  GoGo’s Lil Twista

Purchased from Regina Tervo, NC

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Painted Feather Teddy

Born 9/6/14

Blue eyes, Polled, Moonspots

Sire:  Little Tots Estate Magnoliae

Res Grand Champion Buck

Dam: Tiny Starz Shasta

Jr Doe Grand Champion

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Tanya's Dream NB Russellstover *B

Born 11/27/17

Black & white, Brown eyes

Sire:  CH Rosasharn BB Nutty Buddy *B

Dam:  Tanya’s Dream RM Clementine